What do clients who have worked with me say?
Read about their experience and the results of the coaching.


  • Testimonial of Fabienne S. (2021)

“Susanne is fantastic, and I am so grateful to have her as my coach. She has helped me understand how to take total and complete control of my life in the most positive way. She has helped me to navigate my relationships, set boundaries, and learn how to express myself with helpful tools and techniques. Thank you Susanne!”

  • Testimonial of Carolyne B. (2021)

“Susanne is an exceptional professional as well as incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive. My experience with her coaching has been wonderful. I’ve finished my 12 sessions with Susanne and the whole journey has been transformational. I went from rock bottom to finding freedom within myself. I am forever thankful. I highly recommend Susanne’s Coaching.”

  • Testimonial of Mohammad J. (2020)

“Transactional Analysis coaching with Susanne has been one of my better life decisions. I found the sessions are well structured, progress logically and topics and theory genuinely fascinating as well as being very applicable to myself (your mileage may vary). As a coach, Susanne is very knowledgeable about the subject matter, engaging and challenges your thinking in each session catalysing your growth. There were a lot takeaways but the biggest for me were, having always considered myself to be an honest person, that real honesty takes a measure of courage that I didn’t previously possess and learning to set healthy boundaries. I am now enjoying better interactions in my personal and professional life every day so can heartily recommend coaching with Susanne.”

  • Testimonial of Kath  B. (2017)

The problem

“I recently saw Susanne for coaching after I found out my business partner of seven years had been embezzling money. My whole world was shaken-up, like being inside a snow globe.  I felt foolish, betrayed and anxious so I enrolled in a 6-week intensive TA program with Susanne to help me navigate through a period of confusion and stress.

While I was motivated to resolve the issues in my professional life, what I learned from Susanne has had far greater impact on all aspects of my life including my relationship with my parents, husband and kids.

Susanne’s approach

Susanne’s approach is very different from other forms of therapy because she taught me a theoretical framework for understanding how I was relating to others as well as the conversations I was having with myself. I have a greater understanding of how my internal dialogue is like a computer program that is out-dated and needs regular upgrading. I am now more aware and make all decisions with a renewed perspective.

Susanne is organized  methodical, insightful and practical – therefore an excellent person to offer anchorage during a storm.”

  • Testimonial of Lauren  B. E. (2017)

First impressions

“I met Susanne thanks to a friend who is a doctor and psychotherapist and recommended her as a coach. I searched for her name on Facebook and accidentally I also found in our town a poster with her picture on it.
In both places her face impressed me as agreeable and friendly. As I completely trust the friend who recommended her and seeing her face made me think she was also a person I could trust. So I decided to contact her and I am very happy I did.

The problem

I had never done coaching before, but other types of personal therapy, and I went to see Susanne due to a lack of satisfaction with my job. It was a bit of a chaotic time in my life and Susanne helped me to structure my chaos. With Susanne I learnt to use the first person more often. What I mean is that I learnt to say “I” when talking about desires, emotions, thoughts, instead of generalising or “beating around the bush”. I also learnt, and this has been vital for me, that we cannot save or rescue anyone in the existential sense of those words.

Another important message I carry with me after the sessions is to ask myself “What is the benefit?” Because there is always some emotional benefit in what we or others do. Even when it might not be obvious and even when those behaviours might seem irrational or meaningless at first glance.

During the time I was having sessions with Susanne that was a space where I could look after myself, and also cry, laugh, think, reflect, dream… Susanne is a woman of firm character, but also a warm woman and she knows when she needs to be more of one thing or the other. She is like a “nourishing mother”.


At the moment I keep doing the same job as before, but my internal world has changed and I feel more content and in any case I feel stronger in the face of making changes in my life, and not only job-related. I recommend doing coaching with Susanne if you need help in making positive changes in some area of your life.”

And you?

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