Recommendations for coaching on Zoom

What do you need to take into account for your coaching session on Zoom?

Please read these recommendations before your session with me to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Make sure you are in an undisturbed place, where privacy is guaranteed
  • Silence your phone and close your browsers on the computer
  • Plug your computer into the socket
  • Download Zoom on your computer (ideally the day before the session)
  • Open the Zoom link I have sent you by email
  • Use a headset (earbuds)
  • Sit IN FRONT OF a window or a light source (No light source behind you)
  • Prepare your notebook, pens and folders next to you
  • Agree on a plan B if the Zoom connection doesn’t work (phone call, Skype, Facetime,…)
Recommendations for coaching on Zoom