What is it?

Coaching is a professional assistance to help you shift your perspective, know yourself better, improve your relationships and the way you communicatelearn from your problems and achieve your goals.
In other words, it is a structured program of personal development in 6 to 10 (or more) sessions. 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?


Coaching focuses on the present. It offers tools to understand your reactions or emotions and to change your behaviours or habits. Besides, the emphasis is on what you can do right now so that you can progress, optimize your potential and find solutions. The sessions are time-limited and focus on your goal. We can measure your progress with a pre- and post-assessment.


Therapy looks back on the past in order to heal old wounds. Therefore, the sessions may spread over several years.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for you if YOU:
  • have problems, conflicts, limiting beliefs
  • are stuck, confused, angry, sad, suffering, grieving or struggling
  • would like to improve your life
  • want to achieve personal or professional goals
  • need new skills in parenting or learning
  • are experiencing a crisis
  • want to get out of the Drama Triangle
  • have to learn to say NO without feeling guilty and to set boundaries
  • are in a co-dependent or abusive relationship.

How can I help?

As a coach I provide tools, structure, clarity, guidance and a space for training to make the process of change easier. I particularly offer active and kind listening. Moreover I am at your side and will support you during the practical implementation.

Coaching with Susanne Jegge

How do I work?

My method is based on Transactional Analysis and on my own experience.

At first we sit down and start a dialogue where you share what is on your mind. Thanks to powerful questions you will then be able to define your objective. This objective is part of an agreement called “contract”. It is the plan that helps us stay on track and guides us until you reach your goal.

Along the way I will offer summarized charts of the basic concepts of Transactional Analysis. These charts illustrate human behaviours, thoughts, feelings or relationships.

TA charts


As a result they will bring clarity and increase your awareness. In addition I suggest reading material. Besides you will be given some tasks to complete to obtain improvements.

Between the sessions you will observe the changes inside of yourself and in your environment. You may want to take notes or write down your thoughts on some specific themes. These will serve as a basis for the next meeting. During the last session we will review the coaching process and evaluate the results you have achieved. In the end you will take with you your personal folder of resources to refer back to in times of need.

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“Nobody said it would be easy, only that it’s worthwhile.”