About me

Susanne Jegge

Life change

I was born in Switzerland, where I was teaching in a public secondary school in Geneva. Nevertheless I have moved away from this comfortable and financially stable environment and I am living now in Ibiza since 2005. Here I have embarked on a new path full of challenges and have become a coach.

I always have been interested in communication because it is an essential element for successful human connections. So it felt natural to expand my training. It included the in-depth analysis of relationships, emotions and transactions (how we speak to others and ourselves). 

Transactional Analysis, an in-depth training

After a 3 years training at the CEP Eric Berne in Barcelona, I earned a master’s degree in organizational coaching with Transactional Analysis

Master of coaching in TA
With my teacher Marielle de Miribel on graduation day

Since then I combine my work as a coach with teaching because my passion is to accompany people in their personal evolution and the learning of new skills.

Ultimately my training in Transactional Analysis has given me a better understanding of how we humans function and the means to encourage changes of awareness, of habits and of behaviors.

Coaching is also for you

My clients see the benefits of Transactional Analysis soon after the first sessions. They realize at once that it is an effective tool that helps them in their everyday life (read the testimonials here). That’s why my purpose is to share my knowledge and to support people in their personal growth so that they can carry out the changes they long for.


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