When you discover what your needs are and when you get in touch with yourself, you will find peace and serenity in yourself.
When you understand yourself and others, you can settle conflicts and find solutions to your problems.
When you improve how you communicate and know how to set boundaries, you respect yourself and you will feel that others respect you as well.

These are some of the benefits when you take up coaching sessions with me.

The value of my method is to teach you how to change, step by step, within a structured framework and then to achieve whatever you set your mind on doing.

The printed resources, charts, checklists, guidelines and explanations I give you each session make it easier for you. Moreover you will take home with you your unique, personal coaching handouts kept in a folder. Therefore you can refer to them at any time in your life when you need it. Your material will help you face the new challenges calmly because you will know how to manage and solve them.


Coaching has a lasting positive impact on your life

With the coaching sessions you embark on a personal development training. The changes you make today will benefit you your whole life. And so you will have a plan, strategies, tools and resources to reach your goals, realize your projects and above all transform your life positively.

My framework is Transactional Analysis. This theory illustrates graphically and simply the human operating system. Therefore you will be able to be assertive, to avoid conflicts and to improve your behaviour, without making the same mistakes all over again.

Coaching can help you if you want to change because when you take responsibility for your life, you empower yourself. In the testimonials some clients share their experience and tell how they succeeded in transforming their lives positively.

To understand how I work and how the sessions unfold, go to the pages “About me” and “Information“.

In the blog you can also read the articles, which explain how the Drama Triangle, a damaging dynamic in relationships, works. 

I work in a cosy space in Santa Eulalia del Río (Ibiza), where you can feel secure and supported and where confidentiality is guaranteed.

Since I speak English, Spanish, French and German fluently, we can hold the sessions in the language you prefer.

Contact me here. It’s the first step so that you too can reach for the stars.

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About me

Life change

I was born in Switzerland, where I was teaching in a public secondary school in Geneva. Nevertheless I have moved away from this comfortable and financially stable environment and I am living now in Ibiza since 2005. Here I have embarked on a new path full of challenges and have become a coach.

I always have been interested in communication because it is an essential element for successful human connections. So it felt natural to expand my training. It included the in-depth analysis of relationships and transactions (how we speak to others and ourselves). 

Transactional Analysis, an in-depth training

After a 3 years training at the CEP Eric Berne in Barcelona, I earned a master’s degree in organizational coaching with Transactional Analysis

Master of coaching in TA
With my teacher Marielle de Miribel on graduation day

Since then I combine my work as a coach with teaching because my passion is to accompany people in their personal evolution and the learning of new skills.

Ultimately my training in Transactional Analysis has given me a better understanding of the human operating system and the means to encourage changes of awareness, of habits and of behaviors.

Coaching is for you also

My clients see the benefits of Transactional Analysis soon after the first sessions. They realize at once that it is an effective tool that helps them in their everyday life (read the testimonials here). That’s why my purpose is to share my knowledge and to support people in their personal growth so that they can carry out the changes they long for.



What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional assistance to help you shift your perspective, know yourself better, learn from your problems and achieve your goals.
In other words, it is a structured program of personal development in 6 to 10 sessions. 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?


Coaching focuses on the present. It offers tools to understand your reactions or emotions and to change your behaviours or habits. Besides, the emphasis is on what you can do right now so that you can progress, optimize your potential and find solutions. The sessions are time-limited and focus on your goal. We can measure your progress with a pre- and post-assessment.


Therapy looks back on the past in order to heal old wounds. Therefore, the sessions may spread over several years.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for you if YOU:
  • have problems, conflicts, limiting beliefs
  • are stuck, confused, angry, sad, suffering, grieving or struggling
  • would like to improve your life
  • want to achieve personal or professional goals
  • need new skills in parenting or learning
  • are experiencing a crisis
  • want to learn how to set boundaries
  • are in a co-dependent or abusive relationship.

How can I help?

As a coach I provide tools, structure, clarity, guidance and a space for training to make the process of change easier. I particularly offer active and kind listening. Moreover I am at your side and will support you during the practical implementation.

How do I work?

My method is based on Transactional Analysis and on my own experience.

At first we sit down and start a dialogue where you share what is on your mind. Thanks to powerful questions you will then be able to define your objective. This objective is part of an agreement called “contract”. It is the plan that helps us stay on track and guides us until you reach your goal.

Along the way I will offer summarized charts of the basic concepts of Transactional Analysis. These charts illustrate human behaviours, thoughts, feelings or relationships. As a result they will bring clarity and increase your awareness. In addition I suggest reading material. Besides you will be given some tasks to complete to obtain improvements.

Between the sessions you will observe the changes inside of yourself and in your environment. You may want to take notes or write down your thoughts on some specific themes. These will serve as a basis for the next meeting. During the last session we will review the coaching process and evaluate the results you have achieved. In the end you will take with you your personal folder of resources to refer back to in times of need.

For more information on the sessions click here.
Now you can read some testimonials or contact me.

“Nobody said it would be easy, only that it’s worthwhile.”



Here are testimonials from clients who have worked with me. Read about their experience and the results of the coaching.

  • Testimonial of Kath  B. (2017)

woman, 41, Ibiza

The problem

“I recently saw Susanne for coaching after I found out my business partner of seven years had been embezzling money. My whole world was shaken-up, like being inside a snow globe.  I felt foolish, betrayed and anxious so I enrolled in a 6-week intensive TA program with Susanne to help me navigate through a period of confusion and stress.

While I was motivated to resolve the issues in my professional life, what I learned from Susanne has had far greater impact on all aspects of my life including my relationship with my parents, husband and kids.

Susanne’s approach

Susanne’s approach is very different from other forms of therapy because she taught me a theoretical framework for understanding how I was relating to others as well as the conversations I was having with myself. I have a greater understanding of how my internal dialogue is like a computer program that is out-dated and needs regular upgrading. I am now more aware and make all decisions with a renewed perspective.

Susanne is organised, methodical, insightful and practical – therefore an excellent person to offer anchorage during a storm.

  • Testimonial of Lauren  B. E. (2017)

woman, 45, Ibiza

First impressions

“I met Susanne thanks to a friend who is a doctor and psychotherapist and recommended her as a coach. I searched for her name on Facebook and accidentally I also found in our town a poster with her picture on it.
In both places her face impressed me as agreeable and friendly. As I completely trust the friend who recommended her and seeing her face made me think she was also a person I could trust. So I decided to contact her and I am very happy I did.

The problem

I had never done coaching before, but other types of personal therapy, and I went to see Susanne due to a lack of satisfaction with my job. It was a bit of a chaotic time in my life and Susanne helped me to structure my chaos. With Susanne I learnt to use the first person more often. What I mean is that I learnt to say “I” when talking about desires, emotions, thoughts, instead of generalising or “beating around the bush”. I also learnt, and this has been vital for me, that we cannot save or rescue anyone in the existential sense of those words.

Another important message I carry with me after the sessions is to ask myself “What is the benefit?” Because there is always some emotional benefit in what we or others do. Even when it might not be obvious and even when those behaviours might seem irrational or meaningless at first glance.

During the time I was having sessions with Susanne that was a space where I could look after myself, and also cry, laugh, think, reflect, dream… Susanne is a woman of firm character, but also a warm woman and she knows when she needs to be more of one thing or the other. She is like a “nourishing mother”.


At the moment I keep doing the same job as before, but my internal world has changed and I feel more content and in any case I feel stronger in the face of making changes in my life, and not only job-related. I recommend doing coaching with Susanne if you need help in making positive changes in some area of your life.”

And you?

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“Hard decisions, easy life.
Easy decisions, hard life.”


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